Mission To Mars: Eighth Grade Visits Mcauliffe Space Center

Mission To Mars: Eighth Grade Visits Mcauliffe Space Center

By Rabia Kassim

McAuliffe_content.jpgOn March 12 and 14, eighth graders (half the class on each of the two days) had the good fortune to go on a field trip to the Christa McAuliffe Space Center at Framingham State University, and learn about the many different duties involved in a successful mission to Mars.

Groups of students played different roles: half were members of ground control, the other half were astronauts in a capsule headed to and landing on Mars. It was important for all members of the team to communicate effectively and work together to ensure that the mission was safely accomplished.

They all enjoyed themselves and learned many lessons.

McAuliffe_content.pngEach of the eighth grade teachers went on the trip at least one of the two days. Ms. Sadler enjoyed it, and said “The Planetarium was super relaxing, and I liked how everyone [during the mission] had to use official language, like NASA commanders.”

According to eighth grader Jazlynn Mables, “It was the most exhilarating field trip we have ever been on.” Her classmate Marcella Kamishlian said “It was really fun and a good experience. I wish I could have said, ‘Houston, we have a problem’.” Johnetta Coleman added “I wish I could still boss my other navigation support team members around, but I can’t.”

According to Julien Ellis, who was the Data Officer on the mission, it was “a ton of fun.”

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