Grade Level News - December 2018

Grade Level News - December 2018
Posted on 12/04/2018
6th Grade News

The grade 6 Journalism elective has inspired a new collection of articles: reviews, recipes, advice column, political commentary, LGBTQ information, Art contest, original sketches and much more, all in Volume 2! Find it here:

In Social Studies, students designed and created field booklets for how archaeologists figure out how old a given object is. Read all about it: radioactivity is key to many techniques! We will be viewing NOVA videos that depict working archaeologists and paleoanthropologists digging, examining and developing thesis-based arguments about human evolution. Students' field notes journals (FNJs) expand daily, reflecting their growing wealth of knowledge.
–Leslie Kramer - Grade 6 History Social Science Teacher

Sixth grade Science has ended the physics unit and will begin studying Earth Science. The main focus will be how Earth is affected by the tectonic plates that sit below the Earth's crust. Earthquakes and volcanoes will be some of the exciting topics we cover. Get out your vinegar and baking soda, already students want to recreate one of their favorite science experiments. 

–Colleen Barber - Grade 6 Science Teacher

In sixth grade ELA, students have been reading books in book groups. They have pushed their thinking about abstract concepts through the exploration of themes, and are writing an essay that compares themes across two texts. Later in December, students will write short fictional narratives.
–Anna Marsh - Grade 6 English Language Arts Teacher

Sixth grade Math: Check your child' Aspen for unit 2 assessment grade. Currently 6th graders are working on rate and percent. There will be "Percent Market Place Project "end of the unit. Stay tuned.

–Heba Abu - Grade 6 Math Teacher

Students in Ms. Bowman's 6th grade Health classes worked to create a print advertisement for a trusted adult in their lives that can be there to help when they are experiencing a troublesome feeling. Before completing this project, students learned about different feelings, healthy versus unhealthy ways to express tough feelings, and assertive ways to ask for help for themselves or a friend. Students are currently working on creating a comic strip in which they will tell a story about a person experiencing a troublesome feeling. The friend of the main character will help them talk to a trusted adult to get help for their troublesome feeling. 

–Terry Bowman - Grades 6th, 7th and 8th Health Teacher

7th Grade News

7th graders in science are learning how to balancing chemical equations. In social studies, students are learning about the history of West Africa. In ELA students recently read books about refugees in book groups. Students wrote essays about factors that contributed to survival. In math, students are learning about rational number operations.

8th Grade News

The 8th graders will be visiting CRLS during the morning of Wednesday, December 5th. Students will tour the building and have a chance to hear from current students and staff about life and academics at the high school. A permission slip went home with students on Monday, November 26th.
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