Student Government

The Vassal Lane Upper School Student Government is a prestigious opportunity for students to learn and grow as leaders in the school and to advocate for a livelier, more inclusive school day for all their peers.

Student Government members will have the opportunity to grow as leaders by playing cooperative games together, strengthening their listening and speaking skills, brainstorming ideas to strengthen the school culture and then actively participating in those solutions. The purpose of the Vassal Lane Upper School Student Government is to:

  • develop positive attitudes and to practice good citizenship.
  • promote harmonious relations throughout the entire school.
  • improve student/faculty relationships.
  • improve school morale and general welfare.
  • plan special events or projects.
  • support curriculum nights and school-wide events.

Qualifications for Student Government

  • Good Grades (A’s and B’s, no more than one C).
  • Good Attendance and Timeliness to School.
  • Good behavior in classes and with peers.

Meeting Schedule
Every other Wednesday, during the school year at 3PM in the Library.

Membership Limit

Mr. DelVecchio, Grade 8 Social Studies Teacher