School Council

School Councils are mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as part of the Education Reform Law of 1993. School Council is an advisory body whose primary role is:

  • to work with the Head of School and administration in setting educational goals for the school
  • to assist in identifying the developmental and educational needs of students attending Vassal Lane Upper School
  • to assist in the formulation of a school improvement plan

The VLUS School Council will be an elected, advisory body composed of parents and caregivers, teachers, a community representative, and the Head of School. Vassal Lane School Council members serve a maximum two-year term.  Parents/caregivers of eighth graders are encouraged to participate, if only for one year.

  • Vassal Lane parents/caregivers will have four representatives; they will represent a cross section of the feeder schools and programs to the maximum extent possible.
  • The faculty will elect (or appoint) their own representatives and alternates.
  • Faculty membership shall be equal to the number of parents and caregivers.


Rachael Cobb (parent)
Palo Coleman (parent)
Tsedale Wobgeza (parent)
Suzanne Bastien (parent)

Laura Sylvan (French teacher)
Hamza Abdurezak (community representative)

Meeting Schedule
All meetings are from 6 - 7:30PM.

Agendas will be posted in advance on the website. Meetings are open to the public and parents are invited to speak before the Council regarding school-wide issues. The Council does not address issues pertaining to individual scholars. It is a critical link in the home-school connection; it is vital that the council reflect the diversity of the Vassal Lane community.

Qualifications of Parent School Council Members:

  • Has a child enrolled at Vassal Lane Upper School
  • Committed to the school and district’s vision of social justice and academic excellence
  • Willing to attend monthly meetings and take on other tasks outside of meetings
  • Willing to focus on the big picture rather than one particular issue or topic
  • Willing to represent the parent community and encourage home-school communication