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Grade 8 Health Education and Social Emotional Learning

Learning Objectives

Transitions to High School
What are my hopes and dreams for high school?
What do I want to know about high school life?
How can I turn my dreams into reality?

Healthy Relationships
What are the signs of an unhealthy relationship?
How can I handle bullying and sexual harassment?
How can I help a friend?

Eating Well
How healthy is my eating?
What makes it hard to make healthy choices?
How can I maintain a healthy weight?

Know Your Body*
What do I need to know to be sexually healthy?
How can I say no to risky sexual behavior?
What questions do I have about dating?

* Requires parent/guardian permission

Students will:

Practice the following health life skills: Decision-making, Goal Setting, Communication Skills, Resisting Peer Pressure, Assertiveness, Knowing, Recognizing & Managing Emotions, Anger & Stress Management, Relationship Skills, Social Awareness & Empathy, Appreciating Diversity, Using Resources, Analyzing Influences and Health Advocacy