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Grade 8 Mathematics

In Grade 8 Algebra, instruction will focus on three critical areas:

  • Formulating and reasoning about expressions and equations, including modeling an association in bivariate data with a linear equation, and solving linear equations and systems of linear equations;
  • Grasping the concept of a function and using functions to describe quantitative relationships;
  • Analyzing two- and three-dimensional space and figures using distance, angle, similarity, and congruence, and understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem.

Students will:

  • Students will engage in mathematically rich investigations in the classroom, guided by the CMP2 curriculum.
  • Students will have clear opportunities for enrichment and support in each unit of instruction
  • Students will have the opportunity to participate in one of two extra-curricular math clubs at the Upper Campus: one club will be focused on supporting students with foundational content, and another club will be focused on offering students enrichment opportunities focused on problem solving and mathematical connections

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